Victor's Collection Agency Inc.

Victor's Collection Agency Inc. (VCA Inc.) is a recently founded company headed by the C.E.O. Victor Yacoob. The company was created in order to work with clients who have large accounts receivable balances that are past due in a means that is advantageous to the client.

Victor Yacoob brings to the agency over 20 years of experience in the field of Credit and Collections, including business to business and third party collections. As a past Credit Manager for  a large pharmaceutical company, Victor Yacoob brings first hand expertise, honesty and integrity to the business of collecting debts.

Victor's Collection Agency Inc. believes in using this experience and integrity at all times.

Our Vision:

To be the collection agency of choice in our community, servicing the needs of local businesses and all levels of Government with their collection requirements, locally and throughout Canada.

Our Approach to Collections:

Our approach to debt collection is to give the debtor ample opportunities to resolve the account, whether by making payments in full or through an installment plan.

Failure to comply with our request(s) may result in the commencement of the litigation process including establishing a small claims court file as well as the possibility of wage garnishment. The above could result in the begininning of a negative credit history which can stay on a permanent record for seven years.